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May 2024

Dent County Animal Welfare Society (DCAWS)


As of May we have taken in a total of 41 animals this year! 

Since its spring, we will share some safety tips to keep your pets safe during stormy weather. So many animals get lost before and after storms so be sure to make sure you are ready in the event it happens!


-Make sure your house and yard are secure and keep your dog indoors during storms. It may help to close the curtains, keep lights on and turn up the volume on your TV or radio.

-Keep an eye on the forecast and avoid taking your dog out when there’s a risk of extreme weather. If you need to take your dog out, keep them on lead and ensure they’re wearing a collar and ID tag. 

-Stay out of water as it may contain raw sewage, toxins and other hazards that could injure your dog.

-Make sure your pets microchips are registered and up to date with your current contact info.

-Dogs can react very differently to storms. Some appear relaxed and unfazed; others show signs of anxiety or fear. They may show subtle signs, such as panting, licking their lips, or seeking attention from you. Or they may show more obvious signs, such as pacing, trying to hide, barking or going potty in the house. 

-For anxious dogs, they may benefit from medications to help with anxiety. Supplements can be purchased at pet stores and Walmart, or if your pet needs something stronger you can consult with your vet to have them on hand when needed.

-Check to make sure your gates haven't been blown open from wind and fences aren't downed with trees before you let your dogs outside.

-Have collars/leashes or carriers in an easily accessible place in the event you have to get to safety quickly with your pets. Having an emergency kit already prepared with vaccination records, food/water, etc is handy in the event you are unable to return home right away.

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