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June 2023

Dent County Animal Welfare Society (DCAWS)



The Dent County Shelter (DCAWS) has some important news to share with our local community. We would like to start with some info about our shelter for those who may not know us.


DCAWS is a no kill animal shelter 🙂


We are a private non profit organization. We receive no government or State/County  tax funding. DCAWS is run solely on donations and adoption fees. We do have a contract with the City of Salem and we receive money from them for every animal we take in. It varies from month to month on how much we receive from the city. Many people think we are Animal Control. “No” -we are just the shelter they transport the animals to. We are our own private entity. Our animal shelter was founded in 1990 when the shelter founders saw the condition of the city pound, and DCAWS opened its doors in January 1993. 30 years later we are still finding pets their forever homes. We have many supporters and followers and we are truly blessed by them!


Now, on to the news. DCAWS is updating our policy. For many years we have taken in countless animals from the City of Salem Animal Control Officer each month. Our shelter gets flooded with animals from the City of Salem and leaves us at max capacity at all times, we simply can not help county residents due to the lack of staff, space, and funding. Our community in Dent County and surrendering counties have no Animal Control Officers to call for help. County residents

are left to deal with the overwhelming amount of stray animals by themselves. It’s simply not fair to them or the animals needing help.


So with that being said, DCAWS is limiting the intake of animals to 10 per month from the City of Salem. This will allow us to better help the county communities by keeping our numbers down from the city, which will allow us to take more in from the county. This decision was made by our Board of Directors, this was not an easy decision but it was necessary. While this takes effect immediately, it will take some time to get our number of shelter pets decreased in order to start taking them from the county. The Board of Directors also made some other decisions that look bright for DCAWS’s future! Keep updated with our new newsletters which will be released each month.


Our goal is to help and serve more county strays, after all

we are “Dent County Animal Shelter”

Thank you all for your continuing support in helping our

four legged friends!!!

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