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Why We Do It

The Dent County Animal Welfare Society (a 501c3 org) was initially organized by Charlotte along with many others beginning in 1990, and DCAWS was able to open its doors in January of 1993 due to grants and fundraising efforts. We are an independent humane society and do not receive tax funding from the city or county or any large national humane societies. We are a no kill shelter and only in rare occasions is a dog or cat euthanized. 

Most of us got into this “accidentally,” and once we saw how great the need, there was no walking away.
We have adopted out perfectly fine pets that have been homeless 3-4 years. We’ve adopted out pets with allergies, heart problems, one eye, three legs, deaf, blind, etc. Once we had a tiny, elderly, toothless Chihuahua... And a woman looked at him and said, “I can’t leave him here.” People like this exist and, because they do, we can give the needy ones a chance to live and be happy while they are waiting for that special person.


Amari was found by animal control, lost, hurt, and scared. After being brought to us she was taken for an immediate vet visit, where it was determined she had severe mange, sunburn, AND a skin infection. Today, Amari has been adopted and living the good life! Her amazing transformation was made possible by donations for her necessary (and expensive) vet bills and our awesome staff! Amari is one of many who has needed us, and many others will also need our help. Help us help them!

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