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If adoption isn’t an option, a great way to help a shelter is through donations. Dent County Animal Welfare Society appreciate any and all community support and donations help save lives!

There are many ways to give:

  • Donate to Dent County Animal Welfare Society through PayPal

  • Make DCAWS your charity on Amazon

  • Donate unused blankets, towels and sheets

  • Donate unopened treats (no rawhide please), canned/dry cat and dog food, sturdy dog and cat toys, bleach, office supplies, small fleece blankets, etc

  • Volunteer your time

Projects Funded by Donations

  • Donate specific to above and beyond vet bills, surgery needs.

  • Senior Pet Project – we take in many elderly pets and would like to match the pet with a senior. In some cases that senior cannot afford the vet or food bills. We would like to help them with this.

Our Mission

​To provide safe housing and care for homeless cats and dogs until they can be placed in good homes and to limit euthanasia to those truly vicious or too old or ill to have comfortable lives.

Why We Do It
Most of us got into this “accidentally,” and once we saw how great the need, there was no walking away.
We have adopted out perfectly fine pets that have been homeless 3-4 years. We’ve adopted out pets with allergies, heart problems, one eye, three legs, deaf, blind, etc. Once we had a tiny, elderly, toothless Chihuahua... And a woman looked at him and said, “I can’t leave him here.” People like this exist and, because they do, we can give the needy ones a chance to live and be happy while they are waiting for that special person.
Shelter Tours

Bringing a group to DCAWS? Guided tours available for groups looking for educational and engaging visits to Animal Services. Email for more information.​

Adoptable Dogs
Adoptable Cats

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Community Engagement

DCAWS strives to engage the community in as many ways as possible to promote the care and protection of animals and residents. Below are key programs which interface with the community.

Speaking Arrangements

Learn more about DCAWS and receive guidance on resolving pet-related issues by scheduling a speaker from DCAWS at your homeowners’ association meeting or community group.


Speaking arrangements typically span 30 minutes in length and can be geared toward the audience for the event. email for more information.

Children's Educational Workshops

Animal Services offers educational programs for students grades three and higher. Programs can be geared toward the audience. The main topics per workshop are:

  • Bite Prevention

  • Responsible Pet Ownership

  • Educational Jeopardy

Please email for more information.

Business Partnerships

DCAWS is proud to partner with local business to promote shelter pets. These programs also serve to highlight businesses within the community that align with the mission of helping pets in need. Business partnership programs include:

  • Heartworm Disease Treatment Sponsorship – Businesses can opt to sponsor the heartworm treatment costs for a dog in need. Heartworm disease is a treatable condition, but many prospective adopters are discouraged by the expense for treatment. Businesses can break down this barrier and help shelter dogs find loving, forever homes. Animal Services will highlight the sponsoring business both on the dog’s kennel and online.

  • Dog and Cat Display – For businesses who would like a visual representation of their support for the shelter, a dog and cat display is available. These are currently featured in several restaurants, salons and offices throughout DCAWS recommends a donation of $50 for an initial cost to help offset the cost of creating the materials.

  • Donation Drive – Businesses can host an internal or external donation drive aiming to help gather supplies for the benefit of the shelter and its pets. Animal Services will typically highlight the participating business in social media mentions to help promote and then thank for the donation drive.

Businesses interested in participating in any number of these programs, or pitching another idea, are welcome to email for more information.